We believe that nothing is more beautiful (and smells better) as real leather
and that’s why we’ve started this brand-new Dutch fashion label for leather bags.

We believe that every woman deserves a ‘man’ on her arm that brings out the best of her. As KEES is a very common Dutch male name, we decided it would fit perfectly as our brand name. And just like any other man, KEES is unique. That’s why we have deliberately chosen to use uncoated/untreated leather so that your KEES might show small signs of color differences, spots or damages – of for example barbed wire, insect bites or pregnancy marks. We believe this contributes to the overall look and feel of KEES as those ‘imperfection’ make him into the man he is today.

The entire production process is situated in the Netherlands, which is pretty special. We are responsible for the design ourselves, while working together with a sustainable Dutch tanner and sewing workshop, just an hour away from our headquarters. This means we can constantly keep an eye on the production process, we are insured that the people that work with KEES are paid a fair wage and that the process is as sustainable and honest as possible. Of course that has an influence on the selling price and we are well aware of that. You pay something extra for a real KEES bag but therefore you know where your product comes from.

We constantly develop new models for our collection. This way we are able to create a KEES for every occasion. All in order to make our lives but especially yours, a little bit more beautiful.

Because every woman deserves a ‘man’ on her arm that brings out the best of her,

The KEES bag team.